Relaxation Tips

pexels-photo-235990.jpegStressed? Here are 7 relaxation tips to help you overcome stress.

  1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation “I’m so tense my shoulders hurt.” It is physically impossible for your muscles to be relaxed and tense at the same time. The purpose of Progressive Muscle Relaxation is to intentionally tense different muscle groups so that you can feel the release of tension as you let go. Subscribe below for a free Progressive Muscle Relaxation script!
  2. Meditation “I just have too much stuff to worry about.” Meditation is the act of focusing on one thought at a time with a non-judgmental attitude. It forces you to slow down and be truly present in the moment. Dedicate 5-10 minutes of your day to meditate and notice how it impacts your stress level.
  3. Deep Color Breathing “I can feel my heart race.” Deep breathing helps control your autonomic nervous system. Imagine the cool air you breathe in through your nose is the color blue. As you exhale, notice how the temperature of the air leaving your mouth feels warmer and imagine breathing out the color red.
  4. Exercise “I’m just too stressed out to be productive.” Exercising allows you to release all the pent-up energy in your body. After you work out, you feel both a physical and mental release of stress and tension.
  5. Imagery “I wish I was on vacation.” Your mind is a powerful tool. Even though you might not physically be on a beach soaking up the rays, your mind can take you there. Imagine your favorite place. What does it smell like? What do you see? What does your body feel like in this place? When you’re feeling too overwhelmed, imagine this peaceful place.
  6. Go Outside “I’ve been staring at my computer forever.” Mother Nature offers many wonders that can help you relax by just going outside. Trees blowing in the gentle breeze, rays of sunshine peaking through the sky, water streaming down rocks… all are organic tools for relaxation.
  7. Listen To Music “I have too many thoughts racing in my head.” Music is a great resource. It can pump you up and get you motivated or help you slow down and relax. If you find yourself thinking too much, listening to relaxing music can help redirect your attention and ease your tension.


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