FLEX Course

Join me in learning how to FLEX your mental muscles through a 5 week online live course!


FLEX Course

I have taken the top sport and performance psychology interventions and created a course to expand your mental toolbox.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Fine Tune Goals

This 5 week online journey kicks off with Fine Tuning Goals where we explore the differences between process and outcome goals and the associated task-mastery and ego orientations. You will learn your orientation and I will guide you in creating both process and outcome goals using SMART goals methodology. ($250 value)

Listen To Body

In week 2, we dive into Listening To Body. Our bodies are huge assets and often get over looked in the mind-body connection. By understanding where and when we hold muscle tension in our bodies, we can create strategies to get ourselves in a more optimal state for performance. You will learn exercises to help you listen to your body and create behavior cues to implement while performing. ($250 value)

Enhance Imagination

In week 3, we shift towards Enhancing Imagination. Our imaginations allow us to creatively tap into preparing for performance. From a young age, we learn to engage in our imaginations, but as we get older, the skill is less and less used. You will learn how to prime your mind and prepare your body for your performance by engaging in mental imagery exercises. Included in this package is a 30 min one-on-one mental imagery consultation where we create a personalized script to fit your needs. The script is then converted into an 8-12 minute audio for you to listen to and practice your personalized mental imagery exercise. ($375 value)

X-Ray Thoughts

In week 4, we focus on X-Raying Thoughts. An x-ray examines the body for potential problems and you will learn how to become an x-ray for your thoughts! By learning common maladaptive thought patterns, and how to identify these unhelpful patterns, you will hone skills in x-raying your thoughts. Included in this package are Cognitive-Behavioral educational material and worksheets. ($375 value)

Ready to expand your mental toolbox?

Questions and Answers

How much does this course cost?

The course is valued at $1,375 and we offer 2 payment options: 

  • Full payment one-time: $875 (includes $500 discount) 
  • 4 month payment plan: $343.75/mo for a total of $1,375

When does the course start and what time are the classes?

The course starts on Tuesday, July 6, 2021 at Noon EST through Zoom. Each class will be on Tuesday from Noon-1pm EST through Zoom. 

The classes are LIVE and students are expected to engage and participate. However, if you miss a class, there will be a recording of the class ready to view the next day. 

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for athletes in both the Performance Development stage and Performance Dysfunction stage. Athletes in the Performance Development stage function well and consistently overall and would like to enhance performance through mental skills training. Athletes in the Performance Dysfunction stage might be experiencing fear of failure or current slumps/stagnants related to negative self-talk during their sport.

This course is NOT for athletes in the Performance Impairment stage, who are currently experiencing pervasive issues that occur both on and off of the court (e.g. sleep problems, appetite issues, clinical anxiety, clinical depression, anger problems, PTSD, and injury recovery). Athletes experiencing the aforementioned problems are best suited for individual counseling with tailored treatment plans. 

Students are expected to engage and participate in class. Preferred ages of 13 years and older with dedication towards enhancing performance in sport.

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