We help you succeed in competition by unlocking the mental barriers that keep you from achieving your goals.


Athletes often times experience some of the most extreme emotions when they compete. The rush of adrenaline only makes those feelings more intense. Dealing with the pressure to perform, the thrill of victory, and the anguish of defeat can lead to many issues when left un-checked. The best athletes know that your mental game is as important, if not more important than your physical game.

We help you or your team work through emotions and challenges to be the happiest and healthiest you can be.​​

Individual Athletes

You may have the work ethic and drive to win. You may even have the coaches to help you master your technique. That may not be enough to reach your full potential. Working with a trained and licensed professional goes far beyond asking your coach or captain for advice. Let’s work together to learn how to block out distractions, deal with competition-based stress & anxiety, or overcoming fear & doubt.

When you master your mind in sports, those benefits carry over to other aspects of your life.

Competitive Teams

Unlike individual sports, teams rely on each other to find success. Team dynamics include things like trust, communication, and cooperation. Team counseling will help your team better understand the unique dynamics of each individual to become a more cohesive unit. 

A team can reach peak performance when they learn to work together while fostering a supportive environment for each other. 


How We Help Athletes

1. Improve Performance

Your performance is largely impacted by your capacity to handle the unique mental challenges your sport creates. Many athletes have the skill and ability to elevate their game. Athletes who “don’t step up when it counts” or “show they can do it in practice but not the games” have not mastered the mental part of their sport. This type of performance improvement doesn’t come from more reps in the gym. We’ll help you solve what’s holding you back by identifying the unique mental blocks you’re facing. 

2. Develop Mental Strategies

Evaluation and identification are important first steps but taking this information and creating applicable strategies is what leads to improved performance. We help you create personalized strategies that will work for your unique mind and your sport. We also help by re-enforcing those strategies to ensure sustained improvement.

Are you ready to step up your game?

3. Overcoming Injuries

Most athletes deal with injuries on some level. Career-ending injuries can be very difficult to cope with and even short-term injuries can create mental blocks fueled by fear that severely impact your performance on the field or court. Whatever the severity, working with a professional can help keep your injuries from becoming a mental problem beyond just a physical one.

4. Hurdling Mental Barriers

Your mind is the ultimate tool for any athlete. Beyond controlling your actions, it also houses your instincts, allowing you to act and react in a split second. In almost every sport, every little moment counts and mental barriers can slow you down. Working through these mental barriers allows you to train smarter, learn faster, and react quicker leading to better all-around performance.