My Story


Hi, I’m Elizabeth and I love helping others reach their goals. This is my story:

For a major portion of my life, I was an athlete. I played many sports in high school and was blessed with the opportunity to play basketball in college at Butler University. My favorite thing in basketball was delivering a great assist to one of my teammates. I have always been passionate helping others succeed. 

After graduating from college with a degree in psychology, I accepted a high school coaching position in basketball. I saw the potential in each of my players and loved helping them gain confidence in themselves on and off the floor. As I coached, I also pursued a master’s degree in mental health counseling at Indiana University and took courses in sport and performance psychology. I was determined to turn my passion into a career.

A few years later, I became a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Indiana and have now opened up my own practice dedicated to mental performance. My unique background has put me in a position to help others by combining mental training strategies from sport & performance psychology with psychotherapy to help clients overcome their obstacles.

I believe everyone deserves a chance to chase their dreams. It’s my job to provide you with tools to help you believe in yourself so you can succeed.


Elizabeth Cress, LMHC, NCC

Mental Performance Counselor


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