Counseling & Consultation Services

Cress Counseling provides services for individuals, teams, and events. We have personalized options for your dedicated or group needs! We are driven by helping people succeed. Let us know how we can help you!

Individual Counseling

We often stand as our own roadblocks to success. In order to overcome these obstacles, we have to dive into ourselves.

Counseling is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and unveil your inner strength. One-on-one sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs. Together, we collaborate and come up with a game plan that first establishes your goals. Sometimes figuring out your dreams and aspirations can be the hardest part. After creating a vision and a mental dream board of your goals, we break down the big picture into smaller, achievable steps. 

Counseling is an effective way to improve quality of life. Performance counseling is unique in that it addresses issues tailored to individuals who are under a lot of pressure to perform. High performers such as athletes, business professionals, and musicians have unique challenges that can benefit from a practice that specializes in performance psychology. Some areas that can be addressed in counseling include:

  • Performance Slumps
  • Mental Imagery Exercises
  • Goal Setting
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Motivation 
  • Transitions 
  • Fear of Failure

Learn more about our individual counseling services or contact us directly to schedule a one-on-one session. 


When a group of people come together to accomplish a common goal, a team is formed. 

Teams have the potential to attain peak performances when working well together. There are many different types of teams—from athletic teams to business teams to musical bands. Some teams fall flat in reaching their goals, while others leave an outstanding impact on the world. Team building is a critical part of cohesion and team chemistry. 

It can be hard to evaluate team dynamics from an internal view. Your vision can be blurred when you are part of the team. An outside perspective by a trained professional can help you navigate the team’s cohesiveness. At Cress Counseling & Consultation Services, we offer unique team building packages that fit the team’s needs. Specifically, we conduct an evaluation of group dynamics and provide advice on how to move forward. Team building packages might include:

  • Individual Interviews of Team Members
  • Team Building Activities 
  • Performance Profiles 
  • Analysis of Team Dynamics
  • Advice on How To Move Forward

Learn more about our team building services or contact us directly to build your team building package. 

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are a great way to empower a group of people.

Whether it’s a small, intimate group with a few members or a large crowd with hundreds of spectators, Cress Counseling & Consultation Services takes pride in thoughtfully listening to the client’s needs and tailoring a specific event to fit those needs. Outlines and review of the presentation are promptly communicated with the coordinator as well as discussion on props and space needed for event. Speaking engagements are offered in different settings including: 

  • Workshops/Clinics
  • Conferences
  • School Convocations
  • Team Gatherings

Cress Counseling & Consultation Services specializes in delivering engaging presentations that connect with participants. Each presentation motivates audience members to believe in themselves. Expert facilitation skills combined with empathy and authenticity help participants tap into their potential. Speaking engagements have underlying themes of Seeing, Believing, & Achieving that demonstrate specific skills in mental imagery, goal setting, positive self-talk, motivation, and growth mindset.

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