Helpful Videos

Challenging Your Belief System

Want a better relationship with yourself? With others? With society? Belief systems are at the core of all of our relationships. If you want to enhance your relationships, then you have to be able to challenge your belief system. To learn more, visit

Remember to Breathe

In this video, we give you a little reminder when things get stressful in your life.

Mental Performance Counseling

In this video we give you an overview of our mental performance counseling!

5 Stages of Team Process

In this video, we cover the 5 stages of the team process. 

Imposter Syndrome

In this video we cover Imposter Syndrome and what it is.

Introduction To Services

In this video, we give you a full introduction to our mental health performance counseling services.

Workshop: Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse in Sports

In this video workshop, we go in-depth about the warning signs of sexual abuse in sports.