We help you perform better by unlocking the mental barriers that keep you from achieving your goals.


Musicians and other performing artists are lauded over the beautiful sounds and sights they display on stage. What is often not seen is the countless hours of practice, frustration, and stress of performing in the moment that musicians and artists know so well. These obstacles can be extremely mentally and even physically taxing on an individual or especially on a group.​

We help you work through emotions and challenges to unlock your potential. We help groups collaborate to put on their best performance.​

Individual Artists​

Many artists are underappreciated and misunderstood. Practicing & performing on your own can be lonely and creates unique challenges that too often go unacknowledged. By speaking with a performance counselor, we can help you work through the issues and challenges that are keeping you from reaching your creative potential. We understand and we’re here to help.

We help individual creatives achieve greater heights while also improving their overall well-being.

Bands & Ensembles

Musical bands may be the epitome of group conflict. While internal conflicts may not be as extreme as they are portrayed in the movies, bands do face a number of unique challenges that keep them from reaching their potential. Collaboration is vital to a band’s success and understanding the individuals that make up your group and how to best communicate with one another is a major factor in your success. 

We help bands & ensembles resolve conflict and implement the necessary strategies to collaborate better.

How We Help Musicians

1. Handling External Pressures

Much like athletes, those in the performing arts deal with the stress of high expectations from both the audience and coaches/teachers. Everyone handles this stress differently and working with a counselor will help you better understand yourself and how to overcome these obstacles. 

2. Career Support & Consultation

The career of an artist is one of the most challenging there is. There are so many unique obstacles that artists of all kinds face from age & gender bias, lower-income, inconsistent work, and sudden termination, just to name a few. It wouldn’t be uncommon for one person to deal with all of these throughout their career. Each one of these challenges can be painful and difficult to work through on your own. Working with a licensed ​counselor with experience help those in these situations can completely change your perspective and your happiness. 

Are you ready to tap into your potential?

3. Maximize Your Potential

If you have the natural talent and the right coaches/trainers but don’t master the mental side of your craft, you will never truly achieve all that you can. Think of us as your mental coach that takes the time to understand you and create a personalized plan that helps you accomplish more.

4. Build Confidence & Overcome Fear

We’ve all heard of stage fright but anxiety from fear or just room for improving confidence is something we can help with. Sometimes fear is created from a traumatizing event but other times it’s simply from the unknown. We will help you identify what is causing these mental blocks so you can overcome them and be the performer that you know you can be.