Relaxation Tips

Stressed? Here are 7 relaxation tips to help you overcome stress. Progressive Muscle Relaxation “I’m so tense my shoulders hurt.” It is physically impossible for your muscles to be relaxed and tense at the same time. The purpose of Progressive Muscle Relaxation is to intentionally tense different muscle groups so that you can feel the release of […]

Anxiety At Its Best

Did you know that anxiety isn’t a bad thing? In fact, you need anxiety to perform well. Think about it, having anxiety means you care. The worry in the back of your mind is what propels you to performing well. The key is finding the right dose of anxiety. There is a fine line between […]

5 Stages of Team Process

Team building is a critical part of team chemistry and cohesion. But how do you successfully facilitate team building? Team leaders will cross their fingers and schedule a fun activity in an attempt to spark team chemistry. Sometimes, this is appropriate. Other times it’s not and can actually do more harm than good. It all […]

Acknowledgment + Adaptation = Resiliency

Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee Beans Parable (Author Unknown) A young woman came to her mother feeling down and defeated. It seemed like she couldn’t catch a break and nothing was going her way. She wanted to give up.  The mother took her daughter into the kitchen and boiled 3 pots of water. In the first […]

Captains of Leadership

Are you a good captain? Do you know what your team needs to succeed? According to Guarding Minds at Work and the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA), there are 13 MAJOR psychosocial factors that impact your team’s performance. Each factor is listed below along with an adapted explanation. Psychological Support: […]

Motivational Tips

Can’t get motivated? Here are 9 tips on how to overcome lack of motivation. Reward Yourself “I would rather watch Netflix than be productive.” Use what you really want to do as an incentive to get your task done. Once you complete the dreaded task, reward yourself with a Netflix binge. Positive reinforcement is a great way […]

Believe To Succeed

Ever doubt your own abilities? Want to perform at the highest level? With these four steps adapted from Albert Bandura’s theory on Self-Efficacy, learn to believe in your own abilities. 1. Get Experience Practice. Practice. Practice some more. As you practice a skill, amazing things happen in your brain and body. Neurons fire and pathways […]