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Can’t get motivated? Here are 9 tips on how to overcome lack of motivation.

  1. Reward Yourself “I would rather watch Netflix than be productive.” Use what you really want to do as an incentive to get your task done. Once you complete the dreaded task, reward yourself with a Netflix binge. Positive reinforcement is a great way to change your behavior.
  2. Break It Into Smaller Chunks “I’m too overwhelmed. This project is too big.” When staring at the larger picture, your motivation can disappear into feelings of defeat. Instead, break up the project into smaller pieces. This makes the task more doable.
  3. Get Moving “I’m too tired” Need an adrenalin rush? Exercise. Exercising naturally releases endorphins that can jumpstart your motivation. Skip the elevator. Go for a quick walk. Then tackle that task.
  4. Fuel Your Body “I have no energy.” Be sure to nourish your body with a well-balanced diet. Lack of proper nutrition will send both your mind and body into a funk that makes it difficult to be productive. A good diet will help you feel better overall and will give you the right amount of energy to get things done.
  5. Make A List “I’m too disorganized.” Create a game plan by writing down what you need to do. Organize your thoughts on paper and prioritize your tasks. Once you have accomplished a task, happily cross that item off your list. Physically writing out what you need to do is like creating a mini contract with yourself and increases accountability.
  6. Set Time Limits “I have no time.” Block off time in your schedule to complete the project. Do as much as you can within that time frame and then be done with it for the day. Revisit the project on the next designated time slot. This prevents burnout and allows you to have a fresh perspective each time you take on the task.
  7. Change Your Surroundings “I don’t like this environment.” Go to a place that is inspiring and allows you to get in a groove. By changing your surrounding, your attitude can change. If you’re stuck in one place, try rearranging the space.
  8. Create A Deadline “I put things off until I have to do them.” Create a deadline and stick to it. If you go past your deadline, take away a reward. For instance, cancel going out with your friends if you don’t meet your deadline. Although it may seem harsh, practicing discipline and holding yourself accountable for your actions will motivate you to get things done.
  9. Listen To Music “I need a kickstart.” Listening to music can get you pumped up and can help the time go by when tackling dreaded tasks. Break out your favorite playlists and kickstart your day!

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