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Ever doubt your own abilities? Want to perform at the highest level? With these four steps adapted from Albert Bandura’s theory on Self-Efficacy, learn to believe in your own abilities.

1. Get Experience

Practice. Practice. Practice some more. As you practice a skill, amazing things happen in your brain and body. Neurons fire and pathways are created. The more you practice, the quicker those neurons fire and it starts to become second nature to your body. Successful rehearsal of the skill leads to mastery experiences, which makes you feel just that– a master.

2. Observe Others

Vicarious learning is a powerful tool. Have you ever searched how to do something on YouTube? You gain more confidence in your own skills by watching someone similar to you execute the same skill with success. The more similar the other person is to you, the better.

3. Persuade Yourself

“You can do this. You’ve accomplished harder things in the past.” Family and friends can help convince you by offering words of encouragement and specific examples of when you have succeeded in the past. Ask the ones closest to you for support. You can also adapt positive self talk, which will increase your belief in your abilities. Subscribe below for a free worksheet on positive self talk!

4. React Positively

Have butterflies in your stomach? Starting to sweat? That’s ok. In fact, it’s a good thing! Your mindset and how you react to your bodily responses play a role in your confidence. In order to perform well, you actually need a certain level of anxiety (read more about this here). Most people start to freak out when they notice their bodies responding to stress. Instead, welcome those feelings and react positively.

The next time those doubts start flooding your brain, remind yourself that you have practiced the skill over and over again. You’ve watched a friend of yours complete the task. If they can do it, you can do it. Remember the sound of your family and friends cheering you on. And welcome those butterflies. You must believe in yourself in order to succeed!

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